The World Sustainability Organization (WSO) is a company whose mission is the protection of endangered species, biodiversity and habitat for generations to come. WSO’s projects and campaigns are based on the best available scientific information and strive to create synergies between companies, institutions, NGOs and consumers. WSO optimizes its available funds to maximize conservation results.

WSO members are companies, NGOs, institutions, States, individuals which share the same mission and which contribute with their own skills and economic support to the cause.

WSO was established by Paolo Bray, the creator of the Friend of the Sea (FOS) and Friend of the Earth (FOE) certifications, but it is independent from the certification activity. It shares the property of the FOS and FOE registered logos, which also represent the two categories of WSO’s projects and campaign, related to the protection of the aquatic environments and the land.

While our Planet can be considered one whole organism and it is impossible to separate land from aquatic ecosystems, for sake of semplification and efficient project management, WSOs initiatives and activities are developed as Friend of the Sea or Friend of the Earth projects.

The best available science is always considered when developing new projects, as well as the optimization of the available funds vs conservation objectives.

Man is considered as part of nature and as such capable of acheiving a sustainable relationship with the rest of nature.

A pragmatic and constructive approach, one of collaboration among stakeholders, is driving every single WSO’s initiative.

WSO’s projects and campaigns aim to maintain aquatic ecosystems

Free from unsustainable pollution;

Biodiverse to a sustainable level;

With healthy and protected habitats, including seabed and coral reefs;

In the context of a sustainable coastal management and tourism, urban and industrial development.

Friend of the Sea supported and developed programs:

  • Whale Shark protection
  • Monk Seal conservation
  • Reef Propagation
  • Sturgeon reintroduction
  • Albatross bycatch reduction
  • Responsible Dolphin & Whale watching
  • Save the Whales from Ship Strikes
  • Dolphin-Safe
  • Lobbying for sustainable fishing management decisions by Regional Fisheries Management Organizations
  • School Awareness

WSO’s projects and campaigns aim to maintain land ecosystems

Free from unsustainable pollution;

Biodiverse to a sustainable level;

With healthy and protected habitats;

In the context of a sustainable agricultural, industrial, urban and tourism development.

Friend of the Earth supported and developed programs:

  • Save the Snails
  • Save the Butterflies

By joining WSO you can contribute to the development of our projects at different levels and in various ways.

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